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"Love is as simple as a mouse trap, easy to fall into, hard to get out of, and could be deadly."

People will hate you, rate you, and break you, but how strong you stand is what makes you.

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That Awkward Moment When there’s nothing new on Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter, so you just stare blankly at the screen switching tabs randomly.

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Even though I finished my test first, I wait for someone else to get up.

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Lucky = A man who is a woman`s 1st love. Luckier = A woman who is a man`s last love.

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If a girl gets a free drink, it doesn`t mean she`ll be interested in you, it`ll only mean "YAY FREE DRINK!"

"Why are you talking during my lesson?" ... "Why are you teaching during my conversation?"

"I got to show you who I`m talking about, let`s get on facebook."

Dear Ugly People, You’re welcome! Sincerely, Alcohol!

You have two options, Be mine or make me yours see I am giving you two choices!!!

Today is April Fool`s day. BELIEVE NOTHING. TRUST NO ONE.

Posting Your Favourite SuperHero As Your Profile Picture.

is drinking water with ice cubes on top of it..hehe

The awkward moment when you realize your status fails.

I know they all look so good from a distance but I tell you, I`m the one.

Laziness is the definition of being very active & doing nothing.

I`m nothing with you and everything without you.

Nice guys are found at every corner of the earth...too bad the earth is round.

Don`t come running back to me when you get treated exactly the same way you treated me.

Math was SO much easier when i was a little kid!

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