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"Why are you talking during my lesson?" ... "Why are you teaching during my conversation?"

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Being lonely is one thing, but being lonely when you could be with someone is completely on a whole other level.

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A girl`s heart is slower than a turtle when trying to forget a guy whom she loves.

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It`s usually the small things that can make me smile, like a simple glance from you.

I love Google. It`s like the brain I never got.

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Having so many private jokes with your best friend, that it seems like you talk in code half the time.

Just because someone broke your heart does not mean that someone else cannot repair it.

If you`re talking about me behind my back that just means my life is obviously more interesting that yours.

if you can give me the ingredients to make my me the steps.

Im never having kids, i hear they take 9 months to download!

is like reading your status but I'm thinking about food

Math was SO much easier when i was a little kid!

Dear whoever is reading this, I hope you know that you`re never alone, and that somebody out there loves you more than you will ever know.

Sometimes I have to be apart from people I love, but that doesn`t make me love them any less.

Everytime I say "It`s impossible for me to love you", I love you even more.

Respect old people they graduated highschool without google or wikipedia!

If you can`t get someone off your mind, maybe they`re probably meant to be there.

That awkward moment when you find something hilarious... but no one else does.

Life don`t really have a definition, because each person will define it their own way.

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