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People who gossip with you, most likely gossip about you.

The wise never marry. And when they do, they become otherwise.

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"Drunk words speak sober thoughts."

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Difference between love and exams. Love: lots of thoughts in mind, but no guts to express. Exams: lots of guts but no thoughts in mind

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People don’t change, they adjust. But underneath, they are who they are.

Trust is like an eraser, it gets smaller & smaller after every mistake.

Honestly, I`d pick cookies over boys anyday.

that feeling you get when you understand something in math

My drug = Facebook. My dealer = Internet.

"My life has the superb cast, I just can`t figure out that plot"

Giving up is always an option but never my choice.

Teacher: Molly, how can you prove the world is round? Molly: I never said it was.

If love is just a game then how come it isn’t fun? If love is just a game, how come I’ve never won?

My philosophy on men...Replace them, don`t chase them.

I`m in love with my bed, but my alarm clock wont let us be together.

the best April Fools` prank of the year: just try searching for "Helvetica" in Google right now. Go ahead. I`ll wait.

You`re right. I`m NOT perfect. But I`m unique!

I play with my phone when I`m waiting for someone so I don`t look stupid .

Take risks, give chances, face your fears. It makes your boring story interesting.

I hate when an awesome song starts playing and I turn to the radio to hit the "Like" button, only to be let down by reality once again.

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