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LIKE IF: Shutting your door to force your pet to spend time with you.

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Telling someone to calm down just makes them so much more angry.

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Have you ever had that feeling when your dreaming that your falling and you like jump up in your bed?

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that feeling you get when you understand something in math

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is like reading your status but I'm thinking about food

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Sometimes good people need to leave your life to make room for better people to come in.

Teacher: Molly, how can you prove the world is round? Molly: I never said it was.

I like being the girl nobody can have.

You tell a girl you Love them they forget the next day , you tell the you hate them they will NEVER forget

Status By: Denisia

on Facebook seaching up people with the last name hontas.I think it would be cool to poke a hontas :)

Someone will always be prettier. Someone will always be smarter. Someone will always be younger. But they will never be you.

Want to surprise your girlfriend? Introduce her to your wife.

Don`t be the woman that needs a man; guys take advantage of those people. Be the woman a man needs.

the best April Fools` prank of the year: just try searching for "Helvetica" in Google right now. Go ahead. I`ll wait.

Dear therapist, I might actually come see you if your job title didn`t spell out "the rapist" Sincerely, not lying down.

Dear boyfriend, Your wallet was getting fat so I thought I`d take it out for some exercise. Sincerely, Girlfriend.

I am who I am. I`m pretty normal. I`m not perfect. I run into things, I trip, I spill food, I say stupid things. But thats just me.

I did in bed... I did it on the couch... I did it in the car... Texting is such an obsession. :)

I like turtles. They`re just like, "Hey man I want to swim, and maybe eat some lettuce but I`m not in a rush. Because i`m a turtle!" :D

That awkward moment when you realize you were talking to yourself.

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